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About Hengdu

Founded in 2010 by Mr. Jiang Fengtao, Hengdu Law Firm is a professional full-service law firm approved by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice.


Focusing on capital market, intellectual property and commercial litigation, Hengdu Law Firm is a full-service law firm providing high-end legal services to both domestic and international clients.


Hengdu is headquartered in China World Trade Center, Beijing.
It has already set up branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Quanzhou and Kunming,
as well as an office in Chongqing. Branches in Xiamen,
Jinan and Shenyang are in preparation.


Professional Expertise

Hengdu has currently more than 350 members of lawyers and related staff, including over 300 staff providing professional
legal services.